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Cleaning Supplies

You'll find everything you need to clean both inside and outside of your home or business. Larsen Ace Hardware stocks a wide assortment of cleaning supplies and accessories for every job that comes you way. We also carry several specialty cleaning products that are hard to find such as "The Original" Bee's wax and new products like e-cloth.

Electrical Supplies
Electrical & Lighting

We stock everything you need for electrical repairs, re-wiring, or rennovating. Confused about all the new light bulbs and regulations? We stock the latest LEDs and lighting options and we're happy to answer any questions about them! You'll also find a large selection of specialty and outdoor lighting for your porch or patio.

Hardware & Fastners

We have the largest selection of hardware and fasteners in the Farmington valley. Replace that missing screw on your table, fix that stretched bolt on an appliance, or hang a portrait with ease - no matter what surface it is. You'll find everything at Larsen Ace, and of course, the friendly knowledge on how to do it.

Plumbing Supplies

Stuck drains, leaky pipes or fixtures - not a problem with the helpful staff at Larsen Ace. We carry everything to fix your running toilet, repair a leaky pipe, snake that stuck drain, or even complete that bathroom remodel you've been planning out. We stock supplies for professionals too, making Larsen Ace an easy stop to finish your job quickly.

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