Winter Supplies

Ice Melters & Traction

Which ice melter to use is always big question each winter. The answer usually depends on where it's going and who will have access to it. Larsen Ace carries a wide selection of ice melters and has friendly, knowledgable staff to help you get the right product for the right application.

Snow Removal Tools

We have one of the largest selections of snow shovels in the Farmington valley. Stocking all types to make clearing snow easier. We also have snow removal and ice melting supplies for your car. So no matter what happens this winter, we've got you covered!

Roof Protection

Ice Dams are a big concer during New England winters. We have everything you need to protect your home. Install roof cables in the fall for early protection. Already have snow? We also carry roof rakes to clear snow build up and roof melt to melt away existing damms quickly.

Snow Throwers

We carry both single stage and two stage snow throwers in both Canton and West Hartford locations. We'll show you both options, discuss the benefits and help you make an informed choice for your property. We can even deliver it! Need something smaller? We also stock power shovels, perfect for the walk way, deck or patio.

Winter Fun

Once the snow paths are cleared out, we carry an assortment of items to enjoy the outdoors. We have plastic sleds, toboggans, and inflatable tubes for sledding. We also carry snow ball and block makers to create the perfect snow fort. If you're having trouble staying warm, grab some hats, gloves and hand warmers to keep toasty.

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